The Experience

 I believe all humans deserve to be empowered and celebrated. regardless of color, shape or size, to allow your beauty to radiate from within. Join me for an intimate photography experience at my residence in southeast portland that will leave you feeling confident & more beautiful than ever. 

Here's how a session plays out.

Unless I am doing your makeup here, you'll arrive with your hair and makeup ready to party. This gives us more shoot time and thus, more frames for you!

When you arrive I'll give you a little house tour and set you up in the dressing closet. We will look over all the items you brought as well as have you try on any lingerie you're interested in from my client closet. 

First look: I like to start with a casual or leisurewear in the kitchen. We can make you a cocktail, get you a glass of wine or make some tea. This allows you to get warmed up and comfortable in the space. We will chat, I'll teach you some of my posing tricks, take some portraits and get our little party started.

After we've become close friends in the kitchen that's when we will get you stripped down and start with negliges that you are most comfortable in and work our way to as little or spicy clothing as you feel comfortable with. 


We will work our way throughout the house playing with light, poses, fabrics, candles etc. While I have some go-to poses I love, each session is unique to the individual/couple. I want to capture your facial expressions, emotions and body movements that are unique to you.


My goal for intimate photography is to capture vulnerability, romance, sexuality and confidence. I use natural light, shadows and posing to make sure you always stay looking like you. No harsh flashes, no overtly pornographic poses, no over-the-top retouching.