Investment , FAQ & Process

My philosophy: I have a natural approach to boudoir photography. I believe in attainable beauty. I want you to see your images and know that that is what you look like all the time. As much as I love a glam session as well, here there is no makeover, MUA or hairstylist. I don't ever want a client to see their images and say "I wish I looked like that in real life!" I want you to see you the way I see you. Stunning.

Intimate Portrait Session

Intimate Portrait Session

All sessions include libations (liquor, wine or cannabis), step-by-step expert posing and guidance for individuals and couples, the hypiest of hype gals, gallery preview within 48 hours and full galleries delivered within 4 weeks.

Collections starting at $650

I am awkward and unphotogenic, how can I look good in photos?

Having your picture taken is already nerve wracking, stripping down can be even more so. I walk you through every step of the process. I physically show you poses, guide you on what to do with your hands, help you with breathing and have some prompts that will ease any deer-in-headlight feelings. Sometimes we will try positions or techniques that feel unnatural or uncomfortable, but it's all apart of the process. It's my job to capture you at your best and sometimes getting there feels kind of stupid, I would never give you any images or keep you in a pose that is unflattering or embarrassing. It defeats the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish.

I don't want to get naked, do I have to?

Intimacy, feeling sexy or sensual is so individual. If you feel sexiest in high waist full-bum coverage undies and a baggy sweater while drinking tea, then we will make that happen. I have a lot of return clients because they come over once and want to keep it more demure, but then after seeing their photos want to come back for something more risqué. While I am open to stepping outside your comfort zone, nothing happens without your approval. Even if you try on piece of lingerie you were certain you wanted to wear and you change your mind. No means no in this house and we will find something else that serves you.

Can I bring my own bottle of wine/cannabis/cocktail?

Yes! As long as it's legal and doesn't go in your veins or up your nose, you're welcome to bring what you need to help elevate your session.

I have really bad ingrowns/acne/cellulite, I want to be body positive but can you photoshop it out?

This truly varies client-to-client. Some clients come in really wanting to celebrate a part of their body that may have stretch marks, vitiligo etc. So all of that would stay. Blemishes are wiped away, freckles and moles stay. Body hair stays. I photograph in natural window light and I find that it is so incredibly flattering on things that we deem to be "imperfect." I try to keep any retouching to a minimum so we will chat a bit about what you're looking for (or not looking for!) Majority of my editing is light based or fixing wrinkles and bulges in lingerie and clothing pieces.

Who is going to see my photos?

No one will see your face on social media without your consent. Once you receive your final gallery, I ask that you select any photos you're okay with me sharing. While I obtain the right to share any images without your face or visual markers (like tattoos) that are dead giveaways of your identity, I won't share your face or complete nudes without your written permission. Photos are never tagged without your permission. The only exception are my "model calls." If you sign up for a model call session, you sign a contract allowing me to use any and all images from your session.

How does the process work?

1. Fill out form

I'll send you a brochure with availability and tell you a little bit about my protocols. If a date works for you, we move forward!

2. Sign Contract

Once a contract is signed, retainer is made and questionnaire is filled out, you are officially on the books,

3. Session Day

On the day of your session you'll arrive with hair and makeup done (if that's your thing.) I will greet you at the door, we go through my client closet and begin becoming best friends.

4. Photos & Prints

You'll receive a beautiful gallery approximately four weeks from the date of your session. At that time we will discuss artwork, prints & albums.