I am so chatty during sessions but talking about myself on the internet always feels so boastful. So here are some fast facts!

1. I've been a Portlander for over a decade, but will always consider myself a Masshole at heart. I am loud, honest and curse like a sailor.

2. I am a serial hobbiest. I love making, restoring and building just about everything. However, I am one of the busiest people I know so every second of spare time typically goes towards over due quality time with my husband. 

3. I have been doing photography since I was a freshmen in high school after my art teacher gave me a Pentax camera and set me up a dark room. I then worked in a photo lab for five years and for a prominent portrait studio before moving to Portland in 2010, nudity and intimacy has been my favorite niche since 2006.

4. I love psychological/crime thrillers. I tend to wake up at 4am and watch something thrillery at least 1-2 mornings a week while I do laundry.

5. The three things that make me most happy are my husband (that's a requirement right?), babies and breakfast sandwiches.